Birthday Color December 17, 2021

Birthday Color December 17, 2021

It’s been a hot topic on Instagram lately.
Birthday Color Diagnosis.”


The opening date of the DEKOBOKO FRIENDS blog is

December 17, 2021.


With my birthday as the opening date

We’ve tried to keep up with the times and jump on the bandwagon.


I’d like to answer the question “what’s your birthday color too 💎” on Instagram stories!

I’ll explain how to do it as well, so let’s do it together!

Birthday color diagnosis

Overview and origin of birthday colors

birthday color web

Birthday Color Know your birth color and use it as your lucky color


You can find out your birthday color by searching for your birthday on the website above!


As the name suggests, “birthday color” refers to the “birth color” of the person born on that day.

As the name suggests, “birthday colors” are the “lucky colors” of the person born on that day.


For your information, there are a total of 366 birthday colors.

Leap years (years in which the year is divisible by four in the Gregorian calendar system) are also included.


The original author is Michelle Barnhart.

It is said to have originated from “colorstrology,” which is a combination of “color theory” and “astrology.

How to submit

If you search for birthday color on the Internet, you will find a website called “Birthday color”.

Birthday color Know your birth color and make it your lucky color


(e.g. birthday of you or your loved one)

Click on the day you want to look up

Take a screenshot

↓ Screenshot

Look for a stamped post on Instagram Stories that says

what’s your birthday color too 💎

and tell us your birthday color, or create your own.

↓ Screenshot

Tap the “Participate in the subject” button below it.

↓ ↓

Select the image you just scrubbed and post it!

↓ Stylishly processed✨.


Birthday colors for DEKOBOKO FRIENDS

When it’s a month anniversary, we often celebrate!


Since the birthday of DEKOBOKO FRIENDS is on December 17th, I decided to use the 17th of each month as the anniversary and looked up what the birthday color is for each month ☺.

January 17th


January 17th


R:0 G:110 B:84
H:166 S:100 B:43
L*:38.24 a*:-55.18 b*:3.61
C:100% M:0% Y:24% K:57

Characteristics and Color Words
Characteristics: Gourmand with courage and curiosity
Color words: life consciousness, leadership, smile

February 17


February 17


R:76 G:94 B:116
H:213 S:34 B:45
L*:38.96 a*:-5.64 b*:-16.7
C:34% M:19% Y:0% K:55

Characteristics and Color Words
Traits: Enthusiastic type that gets absorbed in things
Color words: perseverance, perfectionism, dignity

March 17


March 17


R:145 G:93 B:163
H:285 S:42 B:64
L*:51.02 a*:35.98 b*:-26.56
C:11% M:43% Y:0% K:36

Characteristics and Color Words
Characteristics: Creators who create new things one after another
Color words: Imagination, sense of life, exotic

April 17


April 17


Battleship Gray


R:137 G:137 B:137
H:0 S:0 B:54
L*:57.55 a*:-0 b*:-0
C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:46

Characteristics and Color Words
Characteristics: Steadfast, undaunted by any obstacle
Color words: honest, responsible, objective

May 17


May 17

Golden Ocher

R:141 G:111 B:47
H:41 S:66 B:55
L*:49.26 a*:11.78 b*:49.13
C:0% M:21% Y:67% K:45

Characteristics and color words
Characteristics: A gung-ho person who refuses to compromise his or her views
Color words: perspicacity, shrewdness, insight

June 17th


June 17

Old Rose

R:226 G:147 B:153
H:355 S:34 B:89
L*:72.3 a*:39.61 b*:14.94
C:0% M:35% Y:32% K:11

Features and color words
Characteristics: Attention-seekers who store experience as knowledge and skills
Color words: Emotional stability, work is a hobby

July 17


July 17

Salvia Blue

R:107 G:118 B:174
H:230 S:38 B:68
L*:51.98 a*:5.19 b*:-32.27
C:39% M:32% Y:0% K:32

Characteristics and Color Words
Characteristics: A woman who exists to master the path
Color words: management skills, sophistication, resourcefulness

August 17


August 17

Primrose Yellow

R:255 G:249 B:125
H:57 S:50 B:100
L*:95.14 a*:-9.29 b*:65.66
c:0% m:2% y:51% k:0%

Characteristics and color words
Characteristics: An innocent person who had a colorful girlhood
Color words: love and friendship, curiosity, inquisitiveness

September 17


September 17


R:125 G:187 B:125
H:120 S:33 B:73
L*:68.21 a*:-43.49 b*:23.56
C:33% M:0% Y:33% K:27

Characteristics and Color Words
Characteristic: A stable and reliable person with a strong personality
Color words: calm and cool, intuition, compassion

October 17

From October, there is a z in the upper right corner. What does it mean?


October 17th

Orchid White

R:215 G:208 B:202
H:28 S:6 B:84
L*:84.41 a*:2.62 b*:4.33
C:0% M:3% Y:6% K:16

Characteristics and color words
Characteristic: Gentle-minded and large-hearted
Color words: purity, understanding, compassion

November 17th


November 17

Orchid Pink

R:218 G:129 B:178
H:327 S:40 B:85
L*:69.08 a*:47.93 b*:-5.49
C:0% M:41% Y:18% K:15

Characteristics and Color Words
Characteristics: Devotional love that seeks no price
Color words: Gentleness, joy, devotion

December 17, 2012 (Blog Opening Date🎊)

Finally, the month of December you’ve been waiting for!


December 17th


R:238 G:220 B:179
H:42 S:24 B:93
L*:88.6 a*:4.06 b*:24.43
C:0% M:8% Y:25% K:7

Characteristics and color words
Characteristics: A person who brightens the lives of those around them
Color words: balance, friendliness, warmth

Motion Video

TikTok video challenge!


#My2021 #バースデーカラー #凸凹フレンズ #366日の誕生色 #誕生日カラー #ブログ #birthdaycolor #colorstrology #20211217

♬ バースデーソング – WATARU OCHIAI

The background music matches the video, and it looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary… 🎂


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YouTube Short Version

I heard that some TikTok songs cannot be posted on YouTube due to copyright, so I made an original version using 15 seconds of BGM from YouTube short.


I’ve also added the ending, the card, and a thumbnail for YouTube!


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Battleship Gray

Golden Ochre

Old Rose

Salvia Blue

Primrose Yellow

Pale Grey

Orchid White

orchid pink



A gourmand with courage and curiosity

An enthusiastic person who gets lost in things

Creators of new things

Steadfast, undaunted by any obstacle

A stubborn person who refuses to give up his views

An attention seeker who accumulates experience as knowledge and skills

A woman who exists to master her path.

An innocent who has had a colorful childhood

A person with a stable personality who is reliable and dependable

A person with a gentle heart and a big heart

A person who is devoted to love without asking for a price

A person who brightens the lives of those around them.

Color words

Awareness of life, leadership ability, smile

Perseverance, Perfectionism, Dignity

Imagination, sense of life, exotic

Honesty, responsibility, objectivity

Perspicacity, shrewdness, insight

Emotional stability, work as a hobby

Management skills, sophistication, resourcefulness

Love and friendship, curiosity, inquisitiveness

poise, calmness, intuition, compassion

Clarity, understanding, compassion

Gentleness, joy, devotion

Balance, friendliness, warmth




It’s like fortune telling… ☺.

Surprisingly, it seems to be true.

There are many unfamiliar colors.

It’s interesting to try them out!

Why don’t you, readers, find your happy color?

And let’s share and share the happiness.