“Blue Doorknob-kun” is so cute!

“Blue Doorknob-kun” is so cute!

Suddenly, have you heard of “Blue Doorknob-kun“?

From the name, you might think, “A doorknob character? How can a doorknob character be so cute? But this is not the case at all.

In fact, the blue doorknob character is very gentle and cute.

Blue Doorknob-kun is a very gentle and cute artist, just like a yuru-chara!

Moreover, he has a heartwarming and touching story.

His heartwarming and touching stories are posted on Instagram and Twitter.

We interviewed the creator of Blue Doorknob-kun about his true face, the story behind his birth, and his thoughts and impressions leading up to his completion. We hope you will enjoy the charm of the blue doorknob-kun as much as we do.

Now, let’s take you to the world of Blue Doorknob-kun!


What is “Blue Doorknob-kun”?


Doorknob-kun meets some important friends in the story.

≫So far, he’s met Mr. Stone, Mr. Butterfly, and Mr. Striped Enaga.

Maybe he’ll meet some more in the future!

Blue Doorknob-kun

SNSアイコン 青いドアノブくん
◎Main character: One day, he fell off the door.

Doorknob-kun loves sky blue and rice balls.

Pleasant Companions

●Mr. Stone


First appeared in the first episode. He was the first person who helped Doorknob fly into the blue sky. Doorknob still doesn’t realize it. He’s serious and hardworking, but also a little stubborn!


●Ms. Butterfly


She makes her first appearance in episode 2.

Doorknob-kun’s favorite sky-blue butterfly. She comes around on a whim.



●Mr. Simaegana


First appeared in episode 4. He magically gave Doorknob a scarf, but the beak came off and he became more expressive☻Gentle but dorky. The zebra moth looks just like a rice ball!  Maybe it’s because they look so much alike that Doorknob looks like a rice ball.

The author’s thoughts

The inspiration

Why did you decide to create this character?

When I asked for an in-depth interview, she kindly told me!

This is what the creator had to say.

I have always liked to think and imagine what non-living “things” would think if they were alive.

The doorknob is on the door without hesitation.

I wanted to create a story about a doorknob who secretly wanted to see various landscapes by himself.

That’s why I started to create the story of Doorknob-kun.

How to make

I was born in the digital age, generation Z.

I thought she was using the Apple Pencil to draw the illustrations.

I thought she was using an Apple Pencil to draw the illustration, but…

No way… fingers!

I was surprised to find out that she uses her fingers to draw on her iPhone and iPad.

The app she uses is ibisPaint (free app).


The more he drew, the more rounded the doorknob became.

At New Year’s, some of his fans asked him if he had gained weight at New Year’s.

The more I drew, the rounder he became. LOL!

Whenever I get used to drawing a character, he becomes rounder than before.

I think it’s because the character’s heart is also becoming rounder.

It’s like a round heart, and it makes me feel gentle☺.

Comparison of early drawings and current drawings

So, what are you waiting for?

I’m going to show you a special comparison of the pictures.



The first picture of Doorknob-kun and the current picture of Doorknob-kun

←The left side is the early picture, and the right side is the current picture.

Doorknob has become a little plump and round, and his cuteness has increased even more!

Future goals

She also told us about her future goals, which we were most interested in.

I’m continuing to draw with the goal of helping many people heal.

I hope that people will look at my SNS when they are tired and say, “What’s this? I’d be happy if people would smile when they see my work.

In the future, I’d like to draw more stories and come up with more goods.

I think a doorknob pouch would be absolutely adorable.

I also want to write essays that will cheer you up when you’re feeling tired.

Essay books and short animations that will cheer you up just by reading them…

I’m thinking of all kinds of things that I can do to bring a little happiness to many people.

If you start with small things, you can make big dreams come true… ✨.

I look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

Official SNS accounts


Doorknob-kun’s illustrations and daily life are posted on the Instagram feed, story, and reel.

Instagram 青いドアノブくん

Instagram Blue Doorknob-kun

You can search for “Blue Doorknob-kun” and “@doorknobkun“.

or from the following links

Reference links↓


A story that is updated daily as needed. The idea and development is quite interesting to watch.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the story and wonder what kind of story awaits me.

If you take a sneak peek at these Doorknob-kun stories, you’ll find yourself grinning…


And more!


The Story of Doorknob-kun

Doorknob-kun Monogatari”, an Instagram compilation

There are five carefully selected stories from the “Doorknob-kun Stories” section that have been picked up at the moment. I’m also interested in the sequel to this one. For more information, please jump to the table of contents “Doorknob-kun Monogatari” after the next section, or check the summary directly from the link above.


For the latest news, check out the Instagram of “Blue Doorknob-kun!”

Why don’t you go and try to heal yourself?


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If you spread the word by liking, commenting, DMing, Mentioning, and reposting, Doorknob-kun may be very happy to see you!


Actually, we have a Twitter account, too!

Twitter 青いドアノブくん

The fixed tweets include a cute frame animation.

The original author seems to be in charge of some station’s official character…

“Blue Doorknob-kun” and “@doorknobkun08“.

or follow the link below.

Reference link

And more!

It is compiled in [Twoucan] (a service that shows popular illustration, manga, cosplay, model, and VTuber works on Twitter and their trends).

Maybe he’ll be a big hit loose-character this year!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please have a look.

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アイコン 青いドアノブくん

#Blue Doorknob-kun
and hashtag posts too!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do!


The Story of Doorknob-kun

Episode 1.  The Birth of Blue Doorknob-kun

[The birth episode of Doorknob-kun 👼🏻]

第1話 青いドアノブくんの誕生

Doorknob-kun was so curious about what the outside world was like.
Before he knew it, he was bending over.

Then, one day, he fell off the door.
It rolled and rolled and rolled… and it wouldn’t stop. I was scared.
I’m very curious.
He is very curious, but he doesn’t like pain or fear, and he is a crybaby.

Eventually, he bumped into a rock…
No, is that a rock?
The stone startled him, and it seemed to hurt just as much.
Even so, he tried to save Doorknob, who was rolling upside down.
In the end, I cheered him on and sent him off.

Doorknob, who didn’t know that, was terrified to death.
But when he landed on the ground, he was stunned to see an extraordinary sight.
There was a beautiful, beautiful blue sky.
Doorknob stares at him with eyes that sparkle so much.
Mr. Sun shared the “blue” part of the sky with Doorknob-kun.

The first thing that happened to him was that his heart brightened up at once.
The tears I had shed dried up.
The tears that I had shed dried up, and I was filled with joy at seeing the gentle sunshine and my favorite color that I had ever seen.
In the blink of an eye, the feelings of fear and sadness disappeared.

“Oh, by the way, Mr. Stone. I wonder if I’m mistaken. Or am I mistaken?”


#Life is a lifetime.
#Actually, there are people who help you without you even knowing it.

#scary things #sad things #there are many things in life
#but when you meet a new world.
#there’s something there that you love very much.
#It makes me feel happy.

#Believe in the possibilities.
#It’s not a bad idea to step out once in a while.
# It’s okay because you’re not alone
#Let’s find the blue sky

#blue doorknob #doorknobkun #doorknobkun #문손잡이

Episode 2 . The story of the ribbon that I like

[Doorknob-kun and Whimsical Butterflies🎀]

第2話 おきにいりのリボンのお話

A cute butterfly🦋
Doorknob is crazy about his favorite sky-blue butterfly.

But after a while, the whimsical butterfly flew away.
Gradually, Doorknob began to feel lonely and cried.
You don’t realize how important things are until they’re gone, right?

But I can’t dwell on it forever! Yes, Doorknob-kun is now free from the door.

Wipe away the tears and act quickly.
“Let’s go… let’s go…”
Hmmm? What are you doing?

Doorknob-kun made a ribbon that looks just like a butterfly🎀
It became his favorite ribbon.
What are you doing?


#I’ll take care of my own mood.
#You don’t realize what’s important until you lose it.
#Don’t goof around forever.
#loose character illustration #illustration #illustration #doorknobkun #blue doorknobkun #character #original character #illustration #I want to connect with illustrators #painting #I want to connect with painters #picture book #life with picture book #doorknobkun #instagood # I’m practicing illustration #sketch #animation #movie #japan

Episode 3 .  Doorknob-kun and Mr. Stone’s Christmas

[Doorknob-kun and Mr. Stone have become even closer]

第3話 ドアノブくんと石ころさんのクリスマス

Doorknob-kun’s first Christmas 🎄⛄

“What a wonderful sound!
Doorknob-kun dozed off and listened.
A red hat fell from the sky.

When Doorknob-kun was listening to it, a red hat fell from the sky.
It seems that there is an event called “Christmas” in this world.

Colorful and beautiful decorations.
Green and red objects and Santa Claus in a red hat🎅

However, Mr. Stone’s idea of Christmas didn’t come across well to Mr. Doorknob.
But Mr. Doorknob can’t understand what Mr. Stone is thinking about Christmas.

He said, “It’s too convenient for you to make everything your favorite color! Christmas is all about green and red!”

The serious stone got a little upset.
He got angry at Doorknob-kun.

Doorknob usually cries, but today he seems to be stronger. Doorknob-kun, who usually cries, confronts Ishikoro-san, confused by the emotion he has never felt before. Cuckoo😡.

Just then, something white and fluffy fell from the sky.
It was snow.
The temperature of the two people who were in a fury quickly dropped, and
The butterfly brought them a hat.
She seemed to want to lead them somewhere.

When they followed him, they were surprised!
Doorknob-kun’s vision of a beautiful sky-blue Christmas had spread out.

A beautiful tree…”
Doorknob was admiring it.
Doorknob-kun was admiring the beautiful tree, when Mr. Stone began to cry.
I thought there was no such thing as Christmas, but there was.
He seemed to think that he had lied to Doorknob-kun.

That’s not true.”
Doorknob-kun comforted him gently.
Doorknob gently comforts him.

Your present is not sky blue, it’s a beautiful pink color.

The stone roller wanted Doorknob to understand that Christmas is a normal day for him.
Doorknob envisioned his own favorite Christmas.
It would be happy if the two of them could share and respect each other ❄⛄.

#good morning #blue doorknobkun #doorknobkun #loose character illustration #illustration #I want to connect with character lovers #original character #character illustration #I want to connect with painters #loose character #season of hot drink #illustration #art #doorknobkun #Christmas #Christmas story #Christmas story


Episode 4 .  A Cold Day

[A tragic encounter with a zebra moth 🐣]

第4話 寒い日

Good morning!
It’s been cold since yesterday… too cold.
I improvised a mysterious extra story about 🐤.

Doorknob was looking so cold that the zebra moth brought him a scarf 🧣🌬❄️.

But what?
But what? That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! !!!!
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it.
It’s just a transformer…

What happened to the zebra moth? 🍙

#Good morning #doorknobkun #doorknobkun #loose character illustration #illustration #I want to connect with character lovers #original character #character illustration #I want to connect with painters #loose character #season of hot drink #illustration #art #doorknobkun #Christmas #Cold #Winter #Muffler #Simaenaga


Episode 5 .  How I Fell in Love with Onigiri

[The reason I fell in love with onigiri is because of the mountains]

第5話 おにぎりが好きになったわけ

Why I fell in love with rice balls

Doorknob’s favorite food, rice balls.
How did it become his favorite food? I made a video about it.

It all started with a mountain…?
Doorknob-kun wanted to be a mountain.
Doorknob wants to be a mountain, but one day he meets an object that looks like a mountain at an unknown store.

The rest of the video is 💐.

#good morning #doorknobkun #doorknobkun #loose character illustration #illustration #I want to connect with character lovers #original character #character illustration #I want to connect with painters #loose character #hot drink season #illustration #art #doorknobkun #Christmas #cold #winter #2022 #Happy New Year #snow #first snow #snow #onigiri #convenience store onigiri #convenience store clerk #mountain #I want to connect with people who love mountains #I want to connect with people who love onigiri #onigiri



YouTube video debut

How the picture was made

When I asked to see a reel-like short video of the process of completion, he quickly made a fast-paced making-of video (time-lapse). The response was so fast that I was really surprised. I was able to easily make a short film on my phone☺.

↓This is the first time I’ve seen a short video about the making of a short film.



The official YouTube channel of DEKOBOKO FRIENDS has been opened!

We have created this channel as a platform to share a variety of interesting, fun, and useful videos with you. This video has been posted in the short (short videos) section.

Please take a look!

Please subscribe to our channel and like us!


Dubbing (Reading) Challenge

If you can listen to the five stories mentioned above in audio form, you can become more emotionally involved in the story.

I thought it would be a good idea to put myself in the shoes of the characters. So I talked to the author about it.

and he agreed to give me the opportunity to share them on the DEKOBOKO FRIENDS YouTube channel.

I’m so happy! Thank you so much handsome!

ワーイ 青いドアノブくん

I’ve also added subtitles (captions) to make it easier for hearing impaired people and foreigners to understand the content.

We have also added subtitles (captions) for accessibility.

In addition to Japanese and English, we have translated the film into 10 other languages, including Korean, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and Italian, to support multilingual subtitles!


If you’d like to hear my voice, if you’re curious about what’s inside, if you’d like to learn a foreign language, please take a peek at the premiere of the first episode of Doorknob-kun Story on YouTube!

↓Please take a peek!

I’ve often been told by people that I sound like a cartoon.

I’m very excited to see what people will think when they see this story…

By the way, the BGM (sound source) here is an original composed by a friend of the author.

The melody also matches the illustrations very well!

If it’s well received, there will be more stories after the second episode!

If it is well received, we plan to upload the second and subsequent stories to the official YouTube channel of DEKOBOKO FRIENDS.

The URLs for various SNS and URLs are listed in the summary section of the video.

It would be great if you could follow us.

If you have any feedback, questions, or requests, we’d love to hear from you!

LINE stamp is now available!

LINEスタンプ 青いドアノブくん

How to purchase stamps

Go to LINE and search for “Blue Doorknob-kun” or

LINE スタンプ取得方法


LINE スタンプ取得方法


LINE スタンプ取得方法

or jump to the URL in the summary section of Instagram or Twitter.

↓or just click on the link below!

Blue Doorknob-kun LINE Stamp

LINEスタンプ 青いドアノブくん

LINEスタンプ 青いドアノブくん

LINEスタンプ 青いドアノブくん

8 Favorite Stamps

Rather than using them often, these are some of my favorite designs ☺♡.

お気に入りのスタンプ 青いドアノブくん

#I’ve been using the blue doorknob stamp for years.

I can’t help but use them.

The only way to win them all is “Blue Doorknob-kun”.

8 stamps for everyday use

I chose stamps that I can use all the time. My favorite is “Un-un”.

日常使えるスタンプ 青いドアノブくん

It’s too cute🥺I use it almost everyday!

Which LINE stamp do you like the most?

It would be fun if we could do a poll or survey☺.

Maybe there will be a second one, too!

Mystery Stamp


I want to become a stone. The illustration reappeared in the introduction of the friends. This is a slightly different LINE stamp.

I’m a stone, so I want to be a stone.
I want to be like a stone.
It’s profound. lol

But to be honest, I don’t really know how to use it.

Here is what I came up with after broadening my horizons.

Stone? Doctor? Money? Jewels: ???? Meteorites?????

The mystery only deepens. But…

I think I kind of get the point…

A great way to have surreal conversations

Conversations with the author


Even if it’s just stamps, She is friendly.

Even though we’ve never met before, the tempo is rhythmical.


Conversation with a friend


I can communicate with my friends just by replying to their comments with stamps.

I can communicate with her.

I’ve noticed that…

I’m sure you’re not the only one.

I noticed that they had the same expression… (laughs)

Conversations with executives


I’ve been using the “Blue Doorknob-kun” LINE stamp with all the executives.


“It’s cute!” “I’ll introduce it to you! And

I’ll introduce him to you!


Doorknob-kun is very active!


This is where the “I want to be a rock” stamp comes into play…!

幹部 石になりたい LINEスタンプ

After all, I want to end with a “yes, yes“.


I’m happy if this blog has been able to contribute, even if only a little, to various people.


うんうん 青いドアノブくん LINEスタンプ