A handsome new addition to the family♡

A handsome new addition to the family♡

Today, January 22, 2022, 12:44 PM.

My niece was born!


Since it’s a memorable day, I’d like to leave a timely note on my blog, with illustrations, one of my hobbies, hands-on.

My niece was born

Until my niece was born

She didn’t come into the world easily, and I had to induce her, about a week later than her due date.

Today, January 22, 2022

My niece was born safely and healthily.

What you need to know! ~About Labor Inducing Drugs


She had a cesarean section, so she couldn’t see her baby right away, but about 50 minutes later, She met my baby for the first time.

What is a cesarean section|Nichiban – Atofine

Looks like I was born by C-section too.


The apgar was about 7/8, normal.






*Apgar is an acronym. The letters A, P, G, A, and R are taken from the initial letters of the words listed in this column (shown in bold).

Each of the five items is scored from 0 to 2 points. A total score of 7 to 10 for the first 5 minutes of life is considered normal, 4 to 6 is moderate, and 0 to 3 is low.

Table: Apgar Score – MSD Manual Home Edition


The baby seemed to be smaller than I expected.

I’m glad to hear that both mother and child are doing well☺.


Anyway, he’s cute!

Shortly after the birth, my brother sent me a picture of a baby girl who had just been born.

It was just too crazy cute… ♥.


The photos and illustrations have been blurred and mosaicked for privacy reasons.


Maybe it’s because she’s also internationally married, but her face is also kind of beautiful with a high nose✨.

I’m really looking forward to the future.


By the way, I was given a name that can be used both in Japan and abroad so that I can be active globally!

I’ll keep the name and its origin a secret here 🤫

Blessing with illustrations

Making message cards

In order to congratulate my niece on her birth, I secretly drew an illustration for the birthday celebration beforehand!

Here it is


(Message card for my niece’s birthday celebration)

I made it with Procreate.

The result was very girlish and cute, and I sent the congratulatory illustration as soon as I received the baby’s photo after the birth.

My brother was very happy and said “Thank you” ☺.

I think it was a wonderful surprise 🎁.

When I posted the picture, I blurred out the personal information such as name, height and weight, or used a square shape on top with the words “Happy Baby”.

Family is good after all!

In the family line, people are talking about their newborn babies and how cute they are!

I feel like I was born on a good date, “2022.1.22”.

There are so many “2‘s” that it’s easy to remember and understand.

I’m waiting for the peace sign one day too ☺.



She even posed like a cat with a “meow” (lol).

He also sent me pictures of him with his mom and dad, and with his eyes open.

She’s so tiny and cute, she’s like a doll.


I can’t wait to meet her… ☺♥♥


I hope the baby will remember the illustrations I sent today and be happy to see them.