Taiyo no Tamago – Hometown Tax Donation Program

Taiyo no Tamago – Hometown Tax Donation Program

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All of a sudden…

Do you know what is the egg of the sun?

It’s “Miyazaki Prefecture’s premium mango!


In May and June, I received “Taiyo no Tamago (mango)” from my brother for two consecutive months.

In fact, today, it has been exactly one month since we received those mangoes.


This time, I would like to report about the mangoes.

”Taiyo no Tamago”

Mangoes with a sugar content of 15 degrees or higher

“Taiyo no Tamago” is the highest quality ripe mango.

It has become famous as a brand that proves it has met the strict standard of sugar content of 15 degrees or higher.

太陽のタマゴ 化粧箱

They are ripe and ready to eat about 2 to 3 days after they arrive.

When I tried them, they were so fresh and very sweet🥭

It is no wonder.

Mangoes: Miyazaki fully ripe mangoes, 2L size, 350g or more x 2 balls, produced in Miyazaki Prefecture, JA Miyazaki Keizairen

↑Amazon’s #1 bestseller, “Taiyo no Tamago”!

And, how could it be this cheap for an AA, red-hide product!

It is a very reasonable mango🥭


Mangoes are a very nutritious fruit✨

  • High in vitamins
  • 610ug of carotene in 100g of edible portion
  • About 122 times that of a “peach” fruit
  • About 18 times more vitamin E than grapes
  • In addition, vitamins B, C, calcium, minerals, etc.

Compared to other fruits, mangoes are packed with an overwhelming amount of nutrients and seem to contain a very high amount of sugar.


マンゴー 花咲カット

It was the best tasting mango I’ve ever had, hands down❤

I used to say strawberries🍓were my favorite fruit, but after eating these mangoes, I think mangoes might be my favorite fruit of all!

I savored it with such happiness that I want to eat it again and again.

Miyazaki Mango Day

May 25 is Miyazaki Mango Day.

太陽のタマゴ パンフレット

The origin is said to be from this cute little thing.

The word “mango” means “mango (05)” and “Nikkori” means “25.
The fact that around this time, shipments of mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture are at their peak.

Miscellaneous knowledge book, Miyazaki Mango Day (May 25, Anniversary)

Mango Nikkori☺

Very easy to remember (#^^#)


Also, an article on another site said this.

The tamales that meet the strict criteria of sugar content of 15 degrees or more, weight of 350 grams or more, and 1/2 or more of the exterior color being a bright red. The eggs that meet these strict criteria are named “Taiyo no Tamago” (eggs of the sun) and have been on sale for some time. This name was chosen because the shape resembles the egg of a dinosaur and the flame-red color is appropriate for Miyazaki, the Land of the Sun.

The 20th anniversary of the “Sun’s egg,” a ripe mango produced in Miyazaki Prefecture!

The dinosaur egg is indeed laughable.

I haven’t seen the real thing, so I can’t say for sure.

マンゴー みやざき完熟マンゴー 赤秀 2Lサイズ 350g以上×2玉 宮崎県産 JA宮崎経済連 ギフト お取り寄せグルメ 父の日

It’s kind of interesting, like a trivia quiz.

Two Grades

Taiyo no Tamago” has two grades: AA (Red Superior), the highest grade, and A (Blue Superior),

The highest grade, AA, is only 5% of all mangoes, and is very rare…!

Tobikkiri – Tobikkiri Mango – Tobikkiri Mango – Tobikkiri Mango – Tobikkiri Mango – Tobikkiri Mango


By the way, the mango I received was an A product (Blue Superior) (:_;)



The AA sun egg with a red sticker on it is very rare, so you may be lucky if you find it.

I heard that they are rarely sold in supermarkets, but where can I find them?

I don’t know how to identify them, since many hometowns don’t seem to be bold enough to be open about them.

Maybe contacting the producer or seller would be the best way to be sure?

I had heard that Marlie from DEKOBOKO FRIENDS is from Miyazaki Prefecture and used to eat mangoes at her parents’ house, so I immediately asked her about mangoes.

I asked her about mangoes, and she told me that “Taiyo no Tamago” (the sun’s egg), with its delicious taste, is priced at about 10,000 yen.


But even the locals didn’t seem to know there was a difference between AA and A!

I’d like to try an AA product (red excellent) mango at least once…


Also, I want to eat mango parfait, mango shaved ice, mango ice cream, and so on in summer!

内祝い 出産 お返し お中元 送料無料 アイス アイスクリーム スイーツ ギフト 芦屋シェフ・アサヤマ洋菓子工房 芦屋マンゴーパフェ 12個入 A-MG5 メーカー直送 入学祝い 結婚内祝い 出産内祝い 快気祝い 人気 お礼 父の日 父の日ギフト プレゼント

I wish I could try it when I go out to Tokyo.

Size of the mangoes

The size of the mangoes we received was different, as was the number of balls.


In May, there were two 3L mangoes.



In June, one 5L mango arrived.


Two times in a row, it was the blue one…

I think the 5L one was definitely bigger (‘;’)




Would make a great Father’s Day gift!!!

How to eat Miyazaki mangoes

The Hanasaki cut looks so gorgeous and beautiful, but it was difficult to cut and shape them myself💦

太陽のタマゴ 概要と食べ方

It seems that there are many ways to enjoy mangoes, not only peeling the skin and eating the fruit, but also mango juice, mango mousse, awa yuki with mango, etc.

The recipes are also introduced in a variety of ways, so the next time I eat it, I would like to try adding something new to it.

Thank You Present Campaign

I entered the JA Group Miyazaki Miyazaki Fully Ripe Mango Thank You Present Campaign!



I hope I can win “Miyazaki beef” of course A with “Taiyo no Tamago” ☆.

Hometown Tax Donation Program

Fruit delivery service

Here’s the fruit regular delivery they sent me this time↓

ふるさと納税 フルーツ定期便

It’s quite pricey, but thank you for delivering delicious food every month for my family(=^・^=)

I am very, very, very satisfied! The fruit subscription service is too gorgeous✨

ふるさと納税 フルーツ定期便 商品一覧

Great premium course with a variety of fruits!

I also hope to be able to post all of this on my blog when I receive my 12 shipments.

I hope one day I will be able to write a post about all the other hometowns and subscription services I want to get!



Hometown Tax Donation Program are recommended to pay for the “Taiyo no Tamago”.

Of course, “Taiyo no Tamago” (the egg of the sun) is also available as a single item for Hometown Tax Donation Program.

Speaking of mangoes, “Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun)” is also recommended.


All of the mangoes look delicious and photogenic.

We hope you enjoy some of the pics below!

Below, we share links to a sampling of what we were able to find.

If you have a favorite and would like to donate it as Hometown Tax Donation Program for this year or the next, please buy it☺

They are so delicious, and if you haven’t had them, you’re missing out!

We recommend it as a gift present for home or family… ♪

Miyazaki Prefecture Fully ripened mango, Taiyo no Tamago (Sunny egg) 4L x 2 balls (total approx. 1kg) Fruit Gift Gift Tropical specialty Takanabe Town, Kodu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture [Refrigerated]

2 to 3 balls of fully ripe mangoes “Taiyo no Tamago” (Sun’s egg) Fruits Fruits

The first 2 balls of ripe mangoes “Taiyo no Tamago” (Sunny egg), about 1kg, rich, high-grade fruit, gift, free shipping.


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