Windows11 NEW PC

Windows11 NEW PC

Thank you, the old PC with a lot of feelings.

Welcome to your new PC✨

I’m going to take good care of it so that I can use it as much as possible!

So, this time, I’d like to talk mainly about

  • The old PC that I have fond memories of
  • My future education and the skills I want to acquire in the future
  • My new PC, windows 11, PC stand, etc.

I’d like to introduce my new PC, windows 11, PC stand, etc.!


Thank you old PC

Period of familiarization

Actually, my old PC.

She said he would deliver it to me since it would be heavy, but I was sorry to have hers go through all this trouble, so I decided to pick it up.


Here’s the PC I got 👇Photos to remember 💻.

It’s in night mode and it’s orange.




Night mode 🌌 is easy on the eyes 👀👀 if you make it too dense, this is what it looks like




I was so surprised it turned so orange! It seems to cut blue light a lot!




I also changed the background of my PC to a more stylish Parisian Eiffel Tower.

I want to go back to Paris and the Eiffel Tower again.



I saw it in night mode and got quite a retro color scheme.


At that time, I was using it with two accounts maintained at one time.


This PC includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint and all the other Office stuff. The specs are sufficient for watching videos and internet.

She taught me quite a lot of things while sharing the screen with me via ZOOM (#^^#).

She knows a lot of things I don’t know. She knows too much. Her inquisitiveness is truly amazing.


I’m so impressed that she shares her iPad and iPhone apps with the rest of the family.


I’d like to write another article about how useful and useful they are.


Anyway, it’s really too kind, and I’m really, really thankful (:_;)

I feel like I’m part of the family.

My family said to me, “You have good friends”.


Ability to use computers

As I gradually became accustomed to using a PC, I started to use Adobe in earnest as a hobby.

I was just starting out and struggled very much with the idea of creating any kind of work in a short period of time…


↑The first work I created with Adobe Illustrator on my PC, even though I was unfamiliar with it.

It is amazing how easy it is to convert a photo into an illustration using Illustrator’s image tracing…


In addition, I installed Visual Studio Code and tried a bit of Python and GitHub.


I also learned that there is an app called Pythonista 3 for iPhone and iPad.

Pythonista3|Running Python on iPhone and iPad | DOKUPRO

↑I can’t believe that I can easily control Python, the fastest growing programming language right now.


Anyway, we live in an amazing age where each person has a tablet, probably due in part to the GIGA School concept.

GIGA School Concept to be realized – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Programming has already become compulsory in elementary school classes from 2020, and programming education in high school from 2022.

Programming Education – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Programming is a great way to kill two birds with one stone by simultaneously acquiring “logical thinking” and “problem-solving skills!


In this age of ICT development, it is not only programming that is undergoing major changes in the field of education.

Design skills are also required, and their importance is increasing day by day.

And, to our surprise, even Adobe has moved in!

Adobe Corporation announced that the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education will introduce Adobe Creative Cloud Express in all metropolitan schools (high schools, secondary schools, attached elementary schools, attached junior high schools, and special needs schools) from April 2022.

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education to introduce Adobe Creative Cloud Express in all metropolitan schools from April 2022


It’s the perfect thing to foster creative thinking and creativity in the coming years!

I envy the environment where teenagers can learn during their compulsory education…


So, I, too, am making sure that I am as eager to learn as the digital native generation, if not more so, and I am constantly making inputs on a daily basis.


In my home time, I have spent my days reading design books, internet articles and tutorials.

My favorite, strawberries, like a kitten eating 🍓.


↑I changed the background of Google to the same image as the top picture.

It’s too cute and handsome.


Especially, I’ve been desperate to watch videos and stuff lately.

I’m so busy learning how to do this 💦 that I don’t have time to study at all.

I had too little time to study at all…


And when it came time to create a work, I was very bothered by the fact that my PC specs were low and it didn’t work as I wanted it to.

Especially video, image editing, and 3D software often froze up.


I realized that I needed a PC with higher specs to do serious work.

So around the end of February, I decided to return the PC I had borrowed and buy a new one for myself.

Purchasing a new PC

Impressed by the vividness of OLED

Originally, I had my sights set on this company because ASUS PCs were ranked first in the PC rankings.


After looking at various specs charts, the PC manufacturer’s official website, and Amazon reviews, I had a hard time deciding on the ASUS laptop.

I decided on an ASUS laptop. Of course, it comes with Microsoft Office Home&Business 2021.

The product name is

At that time, Amazon did not have it in stock, so I bought it from an authorized ASUS Storeup

Although that new version was also available, I chose the previous model because it was during the sale period.


I just looked at it now, and it seems to be available on Amazon as well.


The urge to witness a computer with the vivid display screen of what is called OLED was also a push.


With 16GB of memory, it has a much better spec performance (and a quicker mind).

and 512GB of storage space (enough desk space) ✨


If you are using heavy software such as Adobe, they recommend at least 16GB of memory.


IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE (Challenge to the unknown)

That’s too cool slogan! It seems to be their corporate philosophy!


It took a few days after ordering, and after receiving it, I set it up.

When I opened it, I found stickers of various kinds for some reason, and all of them are of high quality 🐄.


A little pure gift, I’m glad 🎁.

Makes me want to make a pop-up sticker logo like this one day too!


Thank you ASUS Vivobook and Mr. Letterboy for this wonderful collaboration!!!


Even the moment I opened the screen and turned it on, it was nothing short of amazing!


The colors on the screen were so vibrant.




Maybe I’ve never seen such a beautiful display before?

OLED is too good.


Suddenly, an announcement voice started playing as well, explaining the setup screen.

I was surprised. You can clearly see the vividness of the colors even here!


By the way, the keyboard lights up


The light is set a little low, so maybe it’s a little hard to see…?

You can see it better at night when the light is turned up to its fullest!

Windows 11

I was a Windows 10 user before I got a new computer.

It was my first time to touch Windows 11 and a lot of features have changed.


The apps are now all in the center of the screen, the position of the buttons and icons are new.

The position of buttons and icons are new.

widgets have become more stylish.


And what impressed me the most was the screen split!

Multiple windows can now be neatly split into 2, 3, or 4 sections.


Aren’t all of Adobe’s app taglines too good to be true ✨?


Splitting is so useful! And grouping tabs!

Transferring files and photos is a breeze!

Now I can send and receive data, like photos and files from my phone or iPad, without having to paste them into some other app and send them to myself!

This is a privilege that only this PC can offer! I’d like to be able to use it more…

I want to be able to use it more…

[MyASUS] Link to MyASUS – Introduction | Support Official

Link to MyASUS

Of course, if it is via cloud, iCloud and Documents are also available.

If you are using Apple products, there are many ways to share data, such as AirDrop.


But it’s good to have more options to transfer data to your Windows PC!

Towards the pinnacle of performance

Looking down at the computer all the time makes my neck stiff, so I try to keep it as close to eye level as possible.

It’s very important to stay away from the device and take frequent breaks from time to time to rest your eyes so you don’t get tired!

Even if you relax your body by wearing an eye mask, looking into the distance regularly, warming your eyes, relaxing your muscles, and exercising, it is still very important to rest your eyes.

But when you work at a desk all day long, it’s not so easy to get rid of the fatigue 💦.


That’s why I bought a new PC stand

I chose a brand called BoYata!

The color is champagne gold 🍾



As a reward, I bought it with an Amazon gift certificate that my brother gave me.

I bought it with an Amazon gift certificate that my brother gave me as a reward((o^―^o)Smile



It’s really amazing that it doesn’t shake at all even when raised or angled like this 👏

Very stylish. I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was.




I would like to continue to motivate myself to improve my skills, work voraciously on various things, and continue to be of service to others.

I will do my best to reach a level where I can publish productions and tutorials, and teach others!


Thank you for reading my blog to the end.

I hope you will continue to visit DEKOBOKO Friends blog regularly.